The artists propose works of a thematic variety, but also works of mixed media and artistic expression (painting, graphics, poetry, digital image etc). The dimension of each work is about A4 (21cm x 28cm), has two faces (up-down / front-back) and it is presented on an elevated table. The mixed media techniques attribute a new perspective to every single work, whilst they create a new dynamic relation between the work/s and the beholder/s. All can manipulate the works and exhibit them in different positions or ways in order to create different combinations and proposals.

Three performing exhibitions will be proposed by the artists along with the public’s participation.

Domna Moyseos was born in Larnaca, and has studied French Literature at the University of Aix- Marseille I, in France. In 2010 she obtained a PhD in Arts and Human Sciences by supporting his thesis entitled Religious language in Gerard de Nerval’s Voyage to the Orient. She worked as a teacher of French language at the State Institutes of Further Education of the Ministry of Education and Culture. She also worked as a Special Scientist and Visiting Lecturer at the department of French and European studies of the University of Cyprus, where she taught literature and civilization courses. At this exhibition, she is participating with poetry.

Maria Voniati was born in Larnaca, and has studied Visual Communication at the Kent Institution of Art & Design, UK. In 2016 she received her MA in Interdisciplinary Design from the University of Frederick in Cyprus. She works as a graphic designer and photographer.

Christakis Christofi studied Plastic Arts at the University of Aix-Marseille in France, where he attained DEUG, Licence and Master of Plastic Arts degrees. He also studied Modern French Literature at the same University and acquired Licence, Maîtrise, D.E.A degree. He obtained a PhD in Arts and Human Sciences from the same university by supporting his thesis entitled Dramatic work, plastic work, paradox and representation in Samuel Beckett. Christofi also works as a Visiting Lecturer at The Open University of Cyprus (2012-2015, 2016-). He has been a guest speaker at numerous conferences and published many critical works concerning contemporary performances. He presented two personal exhibitions in France and two in Cyprus and participated in many collective art exhibitions and performances.

Project title: Compositions
Materials: Mixed media and mixed techniques on board
Dimensions: 20 x 28 cm(each piece) / The dimensions of the piece as a whole will occur from the total of the dimensions of the smaller pieces put together according to the manner in which they are manipulated.
Construction Year: 2003-2017

Give us your thoughts!

Give us your thoughts!