Dream Machine

Dream Machine acts as the way for the artist to compare the mechanical functions of the work itself, with the mechanical and mental functions of the human being; when the viewers interact with the work, they can manage, not only to confront the laws of physics, but also their own mental processes. The viewer can then feel these laws and sometimes they may even be able to find themselves immersed in unreal experiences. By combining Art and Science, the artist is trying to attribute the passage from Physics to Metaphysics.

In this work, one can experience the asteroid extensions of their spiritual body schematically, which philosophically is the point in which the human existence reaches its finest form, as shown in the philosophy of Mercaba.

Giannis Terentis holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Fine Arts in Athens. He involved himself in several exhibitions during, and after his studies, both in Greece and in Cyprus. Parallel to his practice, Terentis worked as an Art teacher in a High School in Athens for the Ministry of Culture and Education, and as a Sculpture instructor at Nicolas Panayi College of Arts. He now lives in Larnaca, where he works as a professor of Fine Arts in high schools.

Project title: Dream Machine
Materials: Wood and Metal Supports
Dimensions: 3 x 3 x 3 m
Construction Year: 2007

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Give us your thoughts!