The game is available on four screens. Visitors take part in a game that encourages them to write a poem or a piece of text, thus creating a video-game through writing. The player writes a calendar visible to other players. He explores three worlds inspired by the British romantic poets Shelley, Byron and Keats. It is a collaborative exercise written by the player using text instructions and details of abandoned foreign landscapes with names from the Romantic poets. The action is in English only. The absence of Greek translation underlines the fact that despite efforts to develop the spirit, mankind is still based on money, and that the lack of financial resources makes this translation impossible.

Elisavet Kiourti is a sociolinguist specialising in video-games. She holds a degree in Greek Literature from the University of Thessaloniki (2006) and a postgraduate degree in Computational Linguistics (MA, University of Essex, 2007). She is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Cyprus. Her doctoral research focuses on comparing the digital literacy practices of four teenage gamers to the online multiplayer video game Counter Strike: Global Offensive and their literacy practice at school. She has worked in primary, secondary and tertiary education institutions (University of Cyprus, University of Nicosia), in the Program of Detainees at the Central Prison of Cyprus and in research programs for language studies, teaching materials and electronic dictionaries (PALM, KMA, CySlang, KoMoLex).

Project 1 title: Elegy
Materials: Computer, headset
Dimensions: n/a
Construction Year: 2017

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Give us your thoughts!