Mare Nostrum – Our Sea

The sea, this great treasure can be interpreted to: embrace, escape, anger, love, tranquility, movement, colour. Its rhythmic movement, the folding, the rigidity, the fragmentation, are qualities which gradually transform into a traditional tablecloth. Meanwhile, the tablecloth-sea carries references of Cyprus’ traditions; the eating and drinking together, the happiness of gathering around the table, the family or even friendly bonding.

The artist’s work is known for the repetition of dots, lines, squares, through which she express feelings and images in a contemporary context. By exhibiting some of her own Mare Nostrum samples in the exhibition space, she gives the opportunity to the visitors to be inspired, and to create a new collaborative Mare Nostrum, where everyone will be able to continue each other’s piece. Every visitor-artist, through his/her own ideas and expression, will lead the work to a new direction.

Nitsa Hadjigeorghiou was born in Famagusta. She studied at the School of Fine Arts with a scholarship from I.K.Y, having great teachers such as Yiannis Moralis, Dimitris Mitaras and Nikos Nicolaou.

She served as a teacher in public education for 34 years, and was President of the Art Teachers at OELMEK. She has been an examiner in Cyprus for the entrance examinations for the School of Fine Arts in Greece, appointed by the Greek Ministry Council. In 2009, she was elected as Vice-Chairman of EKA.TE, and became President in 2012. Her work is part of many private and public collections in Cyprus, Greece, Germany, Canada, America, England, India, France. She has represented Cyprus in many world-wide competitions and has taken part in the Marseille Biennale in France, the Cairo Biennale and the Alexandria Biennale, more than once.

Project title: Mare Nostrum – Our Sea
Materials: Mixed media
Dimensions: n/a
Construction Year: 2017

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Give us your thoughts!