Pandora is an experimental art, technology and science workshop, which promotes and facilitates an experiential approach to the participants creative potential. It will consist of a series of workshops that aim to tap in the creative potential of the participants that will be given the opportunity to create artworks after a specific level of brain activity is enacted. Gregoriou will be using a light entrainment technology called PandoraStar, which produces a flickering white light that will gently guide one into different brain waves. Through closed eyelids, the participant’s brain creates colourful imagery that is unique for every individual. Afterwards, the participants will be given the chance to draw on paper and create a piece that has been inspired by their experience with PandoraStar. The experiment taking place at the workshops will be to work with different brain waves; Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta and Gamma, or a combination of these, to educe desirable states of creativity or to synchronise both hemispheres. The artists will use examples from nature and its patterns, creating parallels with Art, geometry and mathematics.

More workshops will take place for potentially interested participants on the last two weekends of the exhibition (11th-12th of November/18th-19th of November 2017).

Grigoris Gregoriou was born in Nicosia. In 2006, he learnt the art of meditation from a Buddhist monk in Thailand and has since been on a Journey of self discovery. His understanding comes from direct experience rather than academic knowledge, which
he likes to share in the most peculiar ways.

Project title: Pandora
Materials: PandoraStar
Dimensions: n/a
Construction Year: 2017

Give us your thoughts!

Give us your thoughts!