The world we live in is vibrating in its nature. All forms of life, from minerals and microbes, to mammals and humans, vibrate and pulsate unceasingly. Each form vibrates in the frequency pattern allowed by its composition, and by its material elements.

Five Cypriot artists, Fotos Dimitriou, Christiana Charalambous, Anastasia Lambaski Onisiforou, Andri Iona and Anna Vassiliou, create prototype musical instruments in an effort to constitute an interactive relationship with the visitors of the exhibition through clay and strings

Anastasia Lambaski Onisiforou studied ceramics in Athens, Greece. She took her learning further by taking part in seminars that focused on a variety of techniques on firing clay. She returned to Cyprus and opened her own ceramics studio in Athienou.
She participated in group exhibitions in Cyprus, Greece, Malta and Sicily. She is a member of the Cyprus Pottery – Ceramics Association, as well as of the cultural group ARTION in Larnaca.

Anna Vassiliou holds an Associate Degree in Graphic Design from Intercollege Larnaca, a BA in Fine Arts from Spalding University, KY USA, and a Masters Degree in Art Education. She has had five solo exhibitions in Cyprus and USA, and has participated in over fifty group exhibitions around the world, including Cyprus, Greece, Japan, USA, Egypt and Bulgaria. Her painting Alice in Wonderland has earned the 9th place at the 3rd Biennale Santorini in 2016, and she was given an Honorary certificate as the First Round Winner in Europe during the Art Olympia International Competition that was held in Japan.

Antri Iona studied Ceramics at the Camberwell University of Arts in London. After her graduation in 2000, she returned to Cyprus and opened her own ceramics studio in Larnaca. She has had two solo exhibitions, and has participated in numerous group exhibitions in Malta, Sicily, Cyprus and Greece. She is a member of the cultural group ARTION in Larnaca.

Christiana Charalambous studied Ceramics at Camberwell University of the Arts London, UK. She has participated in many group exhibitions in Cyprus, Greece and abroad. Christiana creates mostly with stoneware clay, crystal glazes and mixed media. Fotos Dimitriou was born in Lefkoniko and raised in Famagusta. He graduated as an Academic Sculptor from the Academy of Applied Arts in Prague in the Faculty of Porcelain and Sculpture. He has presented fourteen solo exhibitions in Apocalypse Gallery in Cyprus, and also took part in many international group exhibitions in Greece, Egypt, Malta, Australia, Italy, France, Germany and Belgium.

Project title: Vibrations
Materials: Stoneware clay, Mixed media
Dimensions: n/a
Construction Year: 2017

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Give us your thoughts!