Wall is a double-meaning word. The wall of my house, the wall of my yard, which protects me from the suspicious and curious eyes of strangers and encloses the most precious and personal moments of my life. Wall, as we say ‘my wall on Facebook’, on which I update the details of my personal life in front of the eyes of strangers. One word with two controversial meanings, two sides. Which side of the wall is real? A word that triggers questions and much further discussion.

In the work Τοίχος/Wall the artists isolate and study the phenomenon of the selfie. Through this work they want the viewers to ask themselves some questions that have to do with how we are using and how we comprehend technology today. What do we seek trough this exposition of ourselves? Is this reality or not? What pushes us to take a selfie and post it? Are there any harmful consequences by this exaggerated use of Facebook? What is a selfie worth and what does it really mean? Can it be the cause of extortion? Will this have a bigger impact on people because of its nature?

According to Eleana Pandia, sociologist and lecturer at the Pantion University in Athens: ‘The historians and anthropologists of the future, who will study the visual civilisation of the 21st century, will be shocked by the phenomenon of the digital self portrait called selfie.’ The erotic connection that we have developed with our selfies is not an ephemeral case. On the contrary, we take selfies in every opportunity; even in our grandmother’s funeral.

This work is dedicated to our contemporary way of life: to our blatant, limitless usage of social media.

Lily Christou was born in Larnaca and has graduated from the Rome Academy of Fine Arts, Sapienza University. She now lives and works in Larnaca, where she opened her own studio. She has participated in group exhibitions in Cyprus and abroad. Her practice involves art photography and installations.

Revecca Georgiou was born in Larnaca, and has a degree in Fine and Applied Arts from Frederick University, specialising in Graphic and Advertising Design. She holds a postgraduate degree in Fine Arts: Contemporary Art Practices from the same university. She collaborated with Cypriot artists in various projects and she has exhibited her work in group exhibitions. She lives and works in Maroni as an art and design teacher, and also maintains a studio of visual and applied arts. Georgiou deals with the design and art direction of a well-known publishing house. She is a member of the Visual Artists Association (Cyprus), and of the cultural group ARTION in Larnaca.

Project title: Τοίχος/Wall
Materials: Mixed Media
Dimensions: n/a
Construction Year: 2017

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Give us your thoughts!